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 Family-Owned Farm

At 40 Thistle Farm, we believe in humane and responsible living. 


40 Thistle Farm was born out of a desire to grow nutritious and delicious food responsibly and share it with friends.  What started with plants in pots, grew into a backyard garden, followed by chickens and rabbits.  Although we did once know a girl who claimed to have milked a rabbit, we were more interested in sheep and goats for our dairy needs which led to a search for more property.  The rest is history.  We are now a working farm that raises sheep, goats, chickens, and rabbits.  Our sheep produce fiber, milk and meat. The goats give us meat and milk which we drink and use to make cheese and soap. We get eggs from the chickens, and the rabbits provide meat and fertilize our vegetable garden. Our farm is intentionally small and diverse for the mutual benefit of land and animals.  We work to farm as naturally as possible, with no pesticides or herbicides.  While we do have limited numbers of product for sale seasonally, we also enjoy sharing knowledge and nature with friends and the community. 

100% Naturally Grown

We try to feed our animals as much as possible from our own land.  Our sheep and goats rotationally graze 30 acres of mixed pasture and woods, and the chickens free range in the pasture.  We have selected mixed breeds of all our our animals for optimal health and disease resistance.  The sheep are 100% grass fed, and the goats and chickens receive locally sourced grain as a supplement during peak season.  

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